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STUDIO 1024 is a 3D apparel and virtual design company based out of the Netherlands. We are on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry and vastly cut down the ecological footprint that comes with each garment by utilizing advanced 3D technology. Modernizing outdated production methods to the virtual world we now live in comes with many benefits.


The first and foremost is cutting out the waste of over-production. This indefinitely leads to unwanted garments being burned or buried inside landfills. Utilizing modern software allows consumers to view and purchase garments virtually and apparel organizations to create garments on demand the second they are ordered. This will boost efficiency, cut down on cost derived from overproduction, and vastly reduce the ecological footprint associated with each garment.

The second  being the ability to eliminate 4-6 weeks of production time on your apparel calendar. Physical sampling and fitting can be done 100% digitally, allowing for endless iterations of a true-to-life digital sample that can be shared instantly across the organization.  The pandemic demonstrated the inability for apparel organizations to continue designing a collection physically.  Many companies transitioned to a virtual workflow and instantly saw the endless benefits from digital solutions. 

The third being the opportunity to update and control marketing methods with the shift in market.  Virtual reality is the future of retail and consumption.  Designing virtually allows apparel companies the ability to have both a digital and physical version of the garment. Digital garments can open up endless possibilities like trying on garments from anywhere in the world.  It allows brands to create virtual campaigns and tap into an entirely new market in the next generation.  

Do not allow your brand to get caught up in the past due to the inability to master modern software and technology.  STUDIO 1024 will revolutionize your apparel company without losing your brands identity and core values. Working with STUDIO 1024 opens up a world of possibilities, send us an email to let us prove it.

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